ILSINTECH is manufacturer of solution which aims at increasing quality in optical communication mainly by improving efficiency of work with optical fibres. The company was founded in 1982 as a manufacturer of very precise mechanical devices and today offers whole scale of tools for preparation, cleaving and splicing fibres. Products of Ilsintech are protected by a number of patents which comes from its own development. Thanks to the high quality standard Ilsintech becomes a complex manufacturers in working with fiber optics.

ILSINTECH in cooperation with Alternetivo offers to you:

  • Highend quality
  • Support center for EMEA markets in Prague
  • Wide portfolio of splicing automats on stock
  • Rental of fusion splicers and cleavers
  • Wide portfolio of cleavers and auto-strippers
  • SPLICE-ON connectors of genuine contruction
  • OEM electrods for splicers of other manufacturers
  • Spare blades for cleavers of other manufacturers

3D splicers ILSINTECH

Ilsintech today follows the successful first generation of 3D splicers (KEYMAN S1). There were more than 250 sets sold only in Czech Republic. These splicers are being replaced by products of second and third generation which bring innovation and improvements. Basic 3D splicers ILSINTECH today is SWIFT K7 (formerly SWIFT S3) distributed in a set with a cleaver CI-03B which offers even bigger battery capacity, bigger shock resistance, touch screen, replaceable fibre holders. And all of this in a smallest package on the world.

Higher version SWIFT S5 is above that equipped with motorized heat stripper, IPA applicator and there is also a built-in cleaver in the splicers body. Whole family of fiber, cable and connector holders are available (HS family) - thanks to this features the splicer is dedicated not only for common splicing but also for splicing SPLICE-ON connectors (which can be preparated directly in the field). Better capacity is unique 320 splices including protection splicing and fiber stripping with heat stripper.

2D splicers ILSINTECH

ILSINTECH has a lot to offer even in the area of 2D automats. ILSINTECH is the only manufacturer on the world which offers unique combination ALL-IN-ONE. Splicer SWIFT F1+ combines all neccessary tools (heat stripper, IPA applicator) including fiber cleaver in the splicer body. SWIFT F1+ has also built-in source of infrared light and optic powermeter. The centering of fibres is in a 2D way (clad to clad), i.e. using of fixed V holes. This splicer is primarily designed for splicing of SPLICE-ON connectors - supported are replaceable fiber holders of HF family. 2D splicers are typically more challenging for technician's skills. Absolute cleanness of V holes is neccessary for successful splicing. The basic model in all portfolio of ILSINTECH is splicing 2D automat SWIFT F3 distributed in a set with a cleaver CF-01A. The price is the main goal with this model. That is why we recommend this model only for a smaller tasks and installations. Working with 3D splicers is more comfortable and less error-prone.

Ribbon splicers ILSINTECH

Ribbon splicers ILSINTECH are currently available in two modifications. Fully equipped SWIFT R5 and his smaller brother SWIFT KR7. Both models are 2D splicers. As usual for ribbon splicers they come with fixed holes (ribbons up to 12 fibers). Advantage of ribbon splicers ILSINTECH is availability of whole range of holders for ribbons of 2 to 12 fibers and especially built-in heat motorized stripper which is essential in case of splicing fiber ribbons. As an add-on ILSINTECH offers deriboniser.

Optic fiber cleavers

optic fiber cleavers are used for cutting fiber in a desired place with a cut of desired quality. Gel connectors and junctions are not so sensitive for a bad cut but they also suffers with deteriorative optic transmission parameters when cutted in a wrong way. Cut and its quality influences in a great measure the level of downturn and other transmission parameters. Splicers requires very precise cut in angle 90° (splicers usually tolerates inaccuracy of approximately +-2°). That is why cleavers are very precise and mechanically complex devices. The cut is performed by a cleaving knife which is usually replaceable.

Splice-On connectors

SPLICE-ON connectors from Korean manufacturer ILSINTECH offers technically and economically interesting alternative for classic optic pigtails. Splice protection in SPLICE-ON connectors is preserved directly in the body of the connector and in dependency on the type of optical cable used it is possible to omit optic casettes. This saves a lot of time because positioning of splices and fibers in casettes is often very difficult and requires skilled technician and a lot of time. SPLICE-ON connectors are available as SC, FC, ST or LC connectors in both singlemode and multimode 50/125, 62,5/125, OM3 and OM4. For installation it is neccessary to use splicer SWIFT F1+ 2D with replaceable fiber/connector holders or 3D splicer SWIFT S5.

how to purchase products of Ilsintech

Alternetivo is officialy an exclusive distributor of products of the Korean manufacturer ILSINTECH for Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

For sales and more detailed information (manuals, datasheets etc.) please go to the official E-shop of Alternetivo.